Cause Of Tape Worms In Dogs

There is nothing like having a small or large furry friend as a companion and part of being a responsible friend, is understanding the cause of tape worms in dogs. While most of shudder at the thought of our dogs having tape worms and while they are an unwanted visitor, the good news is they are easy to detect and even easier to get rid of.

So what is the cause of tape worms in dogs, it is your old friend the flea. These nasty little parasites eat tape worm eggs when they are larva. Later after they are full grown they jump on our furry friends. Then as they bite and annoy our dogs, the dog bites them and swallows the fleas.

Next the tape worms are released in the dog’s intestines where they attach themselves to the inside of the intestines. Now the worm lives off of the food that the dog eats and stays there till they are gotten rid of, and that is where the owner comes into the equation of the cause of tape worms in dogs.

Tape Worms are pretty easy to detect as the evidence will be all over your yard and more than likely all over your poor little doggie’s behind. While the cause of the tape worms in dogs is easy to see, the evidence that your friend has tape worms in even easier because tape worms are segmented worms, which means as the worm grows the end breaks off and will be noticeable in the dogs feces and on their behind.

A dog with tape worms will more than likely scoot its behind on the grass or the carpet because these dead pieces of worm irritate the skins when they are left behind. While the cause of tapes worms in dogs is the fleas and you can see the dead pieces of worm on your dog or it feces, the treatment of this condition is very simple.

After the doctor determine that your dog has tape worm they will explain the cause of tape worms in dogs and probably recommend one of the many flea prevention products on the market. Next they will give your little friend a shot or a prescription for a medicine that simply dissolves the worms.

Once your dog has been given the medicine, you will not see any more evidence of the tape worm because exactly as it sounds, the worms dissolve. Now that you understand the cause of tape worms in dogs, you have no excuse not to take the steps necessary to make sure there is no more opportunity for the worms to come back.

Being a responsible friend means learning the cause of tape worms in dogs, so start your flea treatment today.

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  • Adam C. says:

    Thank you for the great information. My dog had tape worms. The doctor has given me medicine for my dog. Now the tape worms are gone and my dog is feeling much better. I am so glad I went to the doctor with my dog.

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